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C4 Explosion

C4 Explosion is compose of 3 elements. A static mesh to be use as a game prop. Particle System for the effect. and lastly a destructible wall. This is all done through Unreal Blueprints.


First element the c4 mesh blueprints.

This is made up of a timer, attach to a parameter collection to animated the blinking lights. then when the countdown is done, it spawns the particle system, and destroys the mesh. It uses a cube placeholder to obtain world locations.


This is the breakdown of the c4 particle system.


Last Element is the Destructible Mesh blueprints, theirs 2 ways to do this. Connect it to the particle system to deal damage to the wall. Or Use a timer to time the explosion where it occurs, but for cinematics, this method is more reliable. where you time when the particle system initial blast happens, and apply damage. added a add vector to control the direction of the hit.

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